Elizabeth Aston - Mountjoy - Unholy HarmoniesWhat if… 

…Dionyus appeared in an English village?

Justinia FitzOdo is increasingly irked by rural domesticity with her husband in the historic market town of Unthrang when a wild and wicked autumn wind howls off the fells, bringing with it a mysterious stranger who intervenes in the lives of Justinia and others in the most unpredictable and shocking ways.

Meanwhile, in nearby Eyot unholy machinations in the dignified precincts of the Cathedral threaten to destroy centuries of musical tradition. Caught up in these intrigues, will Justinia have the courage to stand up to her scheming husband and return to the singing career she abandoned when she moved to Eyotshire?

Stylish, rich in irreverent wit and infused with a hint of magic, Unholy Harmonies is a novel in the delightful Mountjoy series.