Mountjoy - Unaccustomed Spirits Meet Giles and Lambert, ghosts who haunt a historic English house in a very hands-on way.

Struck down by shingles, Cleo Byng postpones her wedding and heads north to recuperate in her annoying Cousin Henry’s house in the wintry Eyotshire village of Hazard. But Haphazard House turns out to be a dilapidated Elizabethan building with few amenities and a strange, musical pair who have been in residence for rather more than the usual life span.

Joined by a wild friend, visited by a handsome ghost hunter, and then sent an SOS from Budapest by her old schoolfriend Prue, Cleo finds her convalescence far more lively than the doctor ordered.

Can Cleo persuade the elusive Henry Haphazard not to demolish his ancestral home? And, if there is to be a wedding, who will be the groom?

An enchanting and witty tale of marriage, misalliance and misunderstanding.