Elizabeth Aston - Mountjoy - The World The Flesh and the Bishop(Originally published as  Divine Comedy)

Who needs love?

Not Quinta, who’s made a good life for herself, bringing up her difficult young daughter, absorbed in her work as a violin maker. And she certainly doesn’t need anybody to tell her how to live her life: she has it all sorted out, down to the last dot and comma. If it isn’t on a list, it doesn’t exist.

When her old friend Lydia appears, jilted and angry, Quinta’s orderly life is shaken and her past begins to catch up with her. Then Titus, an expert on chaos theory, comes sneaking into her life and heart, even though everyone knows chaos and lists don’t go together.

Sins, secrets and scandals stalk the precincts of Eyot Cathedral and the ancient, twisting city streets of Eyot. As Quinta heads into a maelstrom of change, will she be able to tear up her lists and go wherever the future will take her?

Another entrancing, heartwarming and witty novel in the Mountjoy series.