darcyconnection2The next adventure of the Darcy family from the author of Mr. Darcy’s Daughters, featuring the delightful romantic entanglements of Pride and Prejudice’s Mr. and Mrs. Collins’ two daughters.

In The Darcy Connection, Mr. Collins of Pride and Prejudice is now a bishop living at Longbourn with his wife Charlotte and their two daughters who have reached marriageable age. The elder, another Charlotte, is extraordinarily beautiful, and her parents hope her looks and connections will ensure a brilliant marriage. Her sister, Eliza, while not as handsome, possesses a lively intelligence that, in Mr. Collins’s opinion, is ‘Too like her godmother, Mrs. Darcy.’

In London, Charlotte’s beauty wins her many admirers, despite her small fortune. But Eliza’s wit and attempts to interfere in what she considers an unsuitable marriage for her sister infuriate her family and Charlotte’s suitor—until Eliza herself meets her match. New and old fans alike will relish this witty, romantic, thoroughly entertaining novel from a highly talented author.