night-and-day-coverDownton Abbey meets Greek myth 

The classic and haunting story of the Oresteia retold in the world of an aristocratic Cornish family.

In the summer of 1934, Olivia Otway finds herself plucked from the familiar, bohemian whirl of London fashion and set down in the Elizabethan splendour of Landrake House. Deep in the green hills of Cornwall, set amid subtropical gardens, Landrake is a place barely touched by time and progress, as is its master Lord Landrake—her mother’s new husband.

Stepping from her own world of costumes and theatre into the august halls of Landrake, Olivia swiftly discovers the summer idyll is no less illusory than the world of the stage. Beneath the surface, Landrake is a place where the dead outnumber the living, and the present lies under the heavy shadow of the past.
The two eldest Landrake daughters, unhappy and unprincipled, are heading for trouble; their younger sister is angry and disturbed. Lord Landrake is being blackmailed, and Esmond, Landrake’s nephew and heir, is fighting personal nightmares beyond Olivia’s understanding. Only Fitz Falconer, younger brother of the dead Lady Landrake, seems untouched by past tragedies and willing to guide Olivia through a maze of social convention and old rivalries.

Yet with Olivia’s arrival and her mother’s marriage, some secrets can no longer be kept hidden and all too soon, Olivia finds herself caught in the same poisonous web of hatred that claimed so many members of the Landrake family during the fateful year of 1919.

Can Olivia find the answers that will release the Landrakes from their fateful past and lay the threatening ghosts of Landrake to rest before they come back to take more lives?
And is she now ready to meet the challenges of her own future?

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