Devil’s Sonata

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devils-sonata-200x300EVIL NEVER DIES

It begins with a book. It ends in fire.

Beauregard Abbey is an elite boarding school in the wilds of North Yorkshire – a school built in the ruins of a monastery renowned for corruption and the study of dark magic until its destruction by Henry VIII five centuries ago. Read More

Voyage of Innocence

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Voyage-of-Innocence-200x300Youthful idealism. Great causes.
Greater evils.
Meet the Oxford Spies.

Oxford, 1932. Verity Trenchard, daughter of a rigid and old-fashioned English clergyman, begins her studies at Grace College, tasting the air of freedom after a cold and joyless childhood. Arriving with her are Lady Claudia Vere, her impulsive aristocratic cousin, and Read More