The Darcy Connection

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darcyconnection2The next adventure of the Darcy family from the author of Mr. Darcy’s Daughters, featuring the delightful romantic entanglements of Pride and Prejudice’s Mr. and Mrs. Collins’ two daughters.

In The Darcy Connection, Mr. Collins of Pride and Prejudice is now a bishop living at Longbourn with his wife Charlotte and their two daughters who have reached marriageable age. The elder, another Read More

The True Darcy Spirit

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truedarcy1After being disowned by her family, Cassandra Darcy – the artistic eldest daughter of Anne de Bourgh (and grand-daughter of the infamous Lady Catherine de Bourgh and Mr. Darcy’s cousin in Pride & Prejudice) – strives to make a living by painting. But struggling to succeed in bohemian London turns out to be the least of her worries! To begin with, there are the unwelcome advances of a certain Lord Usborne, introduced to Cassandra by a high-class procuress. Then there are the letters bequeathed to her by a Read More

The World, the Flesh and the Bishop

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Elizabeth Aston - Mountjoy - The World The Flesh and the Bishop(Originally published as  Divine Comedy)

Who needs love?

Not Quinta, who’s made a good life for herself, bringing up her difficult young daughter, absorbed in her work as a violin maker. And she certainly doesn’t need anybody to tell her how to live her life: she has it all sorted out, down to the last dot and comma. If it isn’t on a list, it doesn’t exist. Read More

Unholy Harmonies

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Elizabeth Aston - Mountjoy - Unholy HarmoniesWhat if… 

…Dionyus appeared in an English village?

Justinia FitzOdo is increasingly irked by rural domesticity with her husband in the historic market town of Unthrang when a wild and wicked autumn wind howls off the fells, bringing with it a mysterious stranger who intervenes in the lives of Justinia and others in the most unpredictable and Read More

Volcanic Airs

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Elizabeth Aston - Mountjoy - Volcanic AirsWhere would you rather be? Lonely and fog-bound in an ancient English castle…

…or sitting under the stars with friends on a magical Mediterranean island?

Magdalena Mountjoy, furious with her impossible husband, the rakish Valdemar, doesn’t hesitate when she has the chance to run away Read More

Unaccustomed Spirits

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Mountjoy - Unaccustomed Spirits Meet Giles and Lambert, ghosts who haunt a historic English house in a very hands-on way.

Struck down by shingles, Cleo Byng postpones her wedding and heads north to recuperate in her annoying Cousin Henry’s house in the wintry Eyotshire village of Hazard. But Haphazard House turns out to be a dilapidated Elizabethan building with few amenities and a strange, musical pair Read More

Brotherly Love

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Elizabeth Aston - Mountjoy - Brotherly of LoveIt’s no joke when a crusader comes visiting from the past.

Mimi, a purveyor of fountains, is married to Edmund Mountjoy, a historian whose book on the Templars has stalled. When Mimi’s mother decamps abroad to escape her three grown-up sons who refuse to leave home, they descend on their sister — with extremely disruptive results. Infuri- ated by the brothers, Read More

The Exploits & Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy

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aletheaAlethea, the youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs Darcy, marries on the rebound and finds herself the wife of a man whose charming manners conceal a vicious nature. Unable to live with him any more, she disguises herself as Aloysius Hawkins, a young gentleman, and sets off to seek refuge with her sister, Camilla, who is presently in Venice. With her, also dressed as a man, goes Figgins, her redoubtable maid. But her flight across Europe proves more eventful than she bargained for, Read More