King Richard’s Bones

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king-richards-bones-200x300A brief but true account of how the late King Richard III returned to his earthly realm in ghostly form to reclaim his bones for proper burial.

“Here we go again,” said the Controller. “Of all our charges, you have to let Richard III escape. Again. Every time he goes back to Earth he causes trouble and with the recent news, the Directorate of Unruly Spirits should have been on high alert.” Read More

Valentine’s Day

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valentine's-dayA witty, charming and sparkling romance set in Regency England.

The year is 1800, and Valentine Welburn, an heiress with a mind of her own, arrives from India to stay with her sardonic godfather, Lord Mountjoy, and enjoy her first London season.

Two men come into her life: the rich and amused Lord Marbeck and dashing Sir Richard Read More