Mr. Darcy Requests the Pleasure

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A host of Jane Austen characters from Pride and Prejudice return in four sparkling and witty romantic comedies.
“Great characters, great comic characters, great romance.” Chicago Sun Times on Elizabeth Aston.

Curl up with a box of chocolates and travel back to a snowy Regency Christmas to share the festive season with the Darcy family. Dream of mince-pies and wassail, Yule logs, dancing—and stolen kisses under the mistletoe as Mr Darcy’s sister, Georgiana, finds love at last.

To Mr Darcy’s annoyance, Lady Catherine and Mr Collins arrive uninvited at Pemberley, set to force Mr Darcy’s cousin into marriage to a man she doesn’t love. Can Lady Sarah Fitzwilliam meet her match, help an old friend to his own happiness–and rid Pemberley of its unwanted guests?

Mr and Mrs Darcy are in London for the Season, and Mr Darcy’s jilted niece, Serafina, is staying with them. Can she hold her head high and dance her way through the maze of misunderstanding and mischief that lies in wait for her, and accept the love of a man she thought she hated?

It’s winter at Pemberley, and time for Mr and Mrs Darcy and their guests to put on a play. Theodosia Beckford, Mr and Mrs Darcy’s new governess delights in the Gothic. But even as she pens a drama of high romance and imagines every creaking door portends a spectre, realism rules when it comes to love.

Originally published as separate stories in the series THE DARCY NOVELLAS.

Mr Darcy’s Masquerade

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DARCY Masquerade Final

Another light-hearted romantic comedy of manners set in the world of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.


Miss Serafina Darcy is that saddest of creatures, a jilted young lady, the object of universal pity, scorn and gossip. Yet she must return to London for the season, hold her head high and dance her way through the maze of misunderstanding and mischief that lies in wait for her.


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Mr Darcy’s Christmas

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Mr-Darcy's-Christmas-Cover-newSet in the wonderful world of Jane Austen, this sparkling and witty Regency romantic comedy takes us to Pemberley for an enchanting Christmas novella of intrigue and love.

Georgiana Darcy, haunted by her near-elopement with Mr Wickham, plays safe when she accepts a proposal of marriage from handsome, rich and well-born Mr Moresby. Read More

Mr Darcy’s House Party

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Mr-Darcy's-House-PartyLove lost and found…a Pemberley maze of misunderstanding and mischief.

A host of Jane Austen characters from Pride and Prejudice return in this sparkling romantic comedy.

Mr Darcy’s cousin, Lady Sarah Fitzwilliam, is not a peaceful person. Lively and headstrong, she’s a thorn in the flesh of her stepmother, who intends to see her safely married Read More

Mr Darcy’s Daughters

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darcysdaughter1818, twenty years after the marriage of Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice, and the five daughters of Mr and Mrs Darcy have left the sheltered surroundings of Pemberley to spend a few months in London while their parents are abroad.

The sisters are assailed on all sides by the temptations of London, with its parties and balls, gossip and scandals, intrigues and schemes, not to mention the inevitable heartbreaks arising from moving among Read More

The Second Mrs Darcy

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secondmrsdarcy1‘It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a husband.’

So say the friends and family of impoverished widow Octavia Darcy when she unexpectedly inherits a fortune, but she has a different view and looks forward to a new life in independence.

Escaping from the efforts of her half brothers and Read More

Mr Darcy’s Dream

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cover_image_Mr_Darcys_Dream2When Phoebe Hawkins, daughter of Mr. Darcy’s sister Georgiana, is shattered by an unhappy romance, she retreats to Pemberley, that great house which becomes for her a place of discovery and enlightenment. She is joined there by kind-hearted Louisa Bingley, unmarried after three London seasons, and as preparations for the ball which Mr. and Mrs. Darcy are to give at Pemberley gain momentum, mischief and love triangles abound, making life as difficult as Read More

King Richard’s Bones

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king-richards-bones-200x300A brief but true account of how the late King Richard III returned to his earthly realm in ghostly form to reclaim his bones for proper burial.

“Here we go again,” said the Controller. “Of all our charges, you have to let Richard III escape. Again. Every time he goes back to Earth he causes trouble and with the recent news, the Directorate of Unruly Spirits should have been on high alert.” Read More

Valentine’s Day

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valentine's-dayA witty, charming and sparkling romance set in Regency England.

The year is 1800, and Valentine Welburn, an heiress with a mind of her own, arrives from India to stay with her sardonic godfather, Lord Mountjoy, and enjoy her first London season.

Two men come into her life: the rich and amused Lord Marbeck and dashing Sir Richard Read More