A Matter of Loyalty

A Question of Inheritance

Truth is rarely pure and never simple…

A Man of Some Repute

Truth is rarely pure and never simple…

Fencing With Death

Budapest in the late nineteen-fifties is no place for an innocent abroad.

Night & Day

Downton Abbey meets Greek myth.

The Villa on the Riviera

The French Riviera is the setting for this absorbing tale of family intrigue, scandal and romance, against the glamorous background of 1930s artists and aristocracy.

The Villa in Italy

An irresistible invitation to a magical place.

Devil’s Sonata

EVIL NEVER DIES. It begins with a book. It ends in fire.

The Frozen Lake

One family Christmas uncovers two generations of secrets…

Voyage of Innocence

From peace to War. From friendship to betrayal. From innocence to experience.