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book-genreOxford Literary Festival, 29 March 2014

Elizabeth Edmondson, supporting the motion.

To begin with, I dislike both these terms. Genre fiction is a nasty neologism – when did genre turn into an adjective?

I object to the term literary fiction for a different reason. It’s weasel-wording, in that it conflates lit fic with literature. It was clever, clever marketing by publishers and academics to set certain contemporary fiction apart and declare it Literature – and therefore Important, Art and somehow better than other writing. Read More


Night & Day

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Downton Abbey meets Greek myth  In the summer of 1934, Olivia Otway finds herself plucked from the familiar, bohemian whirl of London fashion and set down in the Elizabethan splendour…


The Art of Love

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The French Riviera is the setting for this absorbing tale of family intrigue, scandal and romance, against the glamorous background of 1930s artists and aristocracy. Polly Smith is struggling to…


Voyage of Innocence

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Youthful idealism. Great causes. Greater evils. Meet the Oxford Spies. Oxford, 1932. Verity Trenchard, daughter of a rigid and old-fashioned English clergyman, begins her studies at Grace College, tasting the…


The Villa in Italy

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Escapist and completely absorbing, The Villa in Italy is the perfect, mouth-watering summer read. Four very different people are named in a will. All are summoned to the Villa Dante,…